Alibaba and SEG Give X-LIVE a Strategic Hug

An ordinary electronic digital street, Huaqiang North, shocks China while a fast emerging e-commerce platform, Alibaba, shocks the whole world.


On April 12, 2016, X-LIVE was invited to participate in the consumer electronics show  Gala Event Global, which is jointly sponsored by Alibaba Group and SEG. X-LIVE products attract much popularity with their distinctive creativity and pragmatic functions. After the show, X-LIVE products are recorded by SEG and exhibited in the creativity pavilion located in Huaqiang North of SEG.


 General    manager of Juhuasuan Website of Alibaba Group Mr. Liu Bo

       X-LIVE is a brand leader in digital peripheral products in computer, communication, and consumer electronic (3C) in China. X-LIVE products aim at eliminating troubles lingering in 3C digital life and making the digital life easier. X-LIVE unveils several independently developed products with national patent rights in this show and each product is infused with X-LIVE efforts of making 3C digital life easier. X-LIVE X6 integrates the charge pal, charger, and data cable and makes your travel more convenient. The R6000 integrates the Bluetooth earphone and car charger functions and are created for convenient and safe driving... X-LIVE designs every product with innovation and creativity and is devoted to bringing convenient experience to users.


The X6 functions as a charge pal and a charger, and can be used as a data cable for connecting to Apple and Android-based devices. The X6 makes your travel more convenient.


The R6000 is a vehicle-mounted Bluetooth earphone that integrates the Bluetooth and car charger functions. You can answer a phone call by picking it up and hang up a phone call by putting it down. It can be used to charge a mobile phone. With the R6000, your driving will become more convenient and safer.


The neckband music Bluetooth earphone alters the common earphone form. The Z6000 can be customized to cater to personalized requirements of young people.


The three-in-one data cable meets charging requirements of multiple devices and makes charging available at any time.

       The X-LIVE booth gains high popularity in the show. The public's preference for products is the best affirmation to a company and a brand. This gives X-LIVE the most determined courage and willpower to produce 3C digital accessories that genuinely cater to consumer requirements in the endeavor of creativity, innovation, and creation.


Thanks Alibaba Group and SEG for providing this platform. It gives X-LIVE another channel to interact with consumers, a broader development space, and helps X-LIVE gain wider population in creativity, innovation, and creation.



April 12, 2016 X-LIVE in Gala Event Global in China!

Gala Event Global is sponsored by Alibaba Group and SEG, with the aim of discovering creativity, innovation, and creation in global digital electronic products.