The Popularity Speaks for the Good Brand: China Good Brand X-LIVE Is Extremely Popular in Hong Kong Fair

X-LIVE participated in Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair from April 13 to April 16, 2016. In the four days, X-LIVE booth is extremely popular and customers in and outside China have strong intentions for cooperation. What makes X-LIVE so popular and charming? 


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1. Elaborately Arranged Booth
       X-LIVE booth is carefully designed by promising designers in China. The entire booth centers on the theme of creating the "LESS IS MORE" digital life, which is fashionable and creative. The background poster, the layout of exhibits, and even the dominant tone and light of the booth nicely build a sense of simpleness and pragmatism of digital devices required in business trips of business people. The exquisite booth design presents a refreshing and impressive feeling to customers who have visited many booths.

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2. Fashionable and Creative Exhibits
       X-LIVE samples exhibited in the fair include the powerful mobile power sources, convenient Bluetooth car chargers, sports earphones, and various high-quality data cables. The equipped AC charging plug makes X-LIVE X6 function as a charger and a mobile power source. In addition, various innovative new products are also exhibited in the fair, including the data cable that integrates the Micro, lightning, and type-c functions and the R6000 that integrates the Bluetooth earphone and car charger functions.

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Every X-LIVE sample exhibited in the fair is embedded with creativity for bringing the convenient and best use experience to customers.

3. Deeply Ingrained Philosophy and Design
       X-LIVE is a brand leader in 3C digital peripheral products in China. It is devoted to eliminating users' troubles lingering in 3C digital life and making the digital life easier since its foundation. X-LIVE products are renowned for simpleness and pragmatism. After several years of unremitting efforts, X-LIVE has built a promising, innovative, and pragmatic R&D design team, which helps X-LIVE win recognition and trust from customers in and outside China and become the promising and popular digital brand, in combination with the powerful supply chain as well as sound operation mechanism and service capability.

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X-LIVE always believes that popularity speaks for good brand and products. The extremely popular booth and numerous cooperation intentions definitely demonstrate the strength of X-LIVE.