X-Live get the "MFI" certification from Apple Inc

    X-Live get the "MFI" certification from Apple Inc Today we just received a information that "X-LIVE" brand already got MFI certification from Apple Inc. we are proud the brand and products are highly recognized

It is reported the brand and products must be pass multiple tests, then they can get the MFI certification, meanwhile, whether in product design, product quality, product compatible, the accessories with MFI certification will be provide more trustworthy guarantee than non MFI accessories to the consumers, Therefore, once the brand obtain the MFI certification, in a sense, it means that X-Live is a power brand and it have quality product.

    People know that the non MFI accessories will show warning sign when connect the idevice, or even directly into flight mode, it indicating the accessory is non MFI ,it cannot work with the idevice which affect the user to use. And the MFI accessories, it work perfect, like seamless connectivity, normal playback of songs, the normal transmission of data, synchronization data and other functions.

    X-Live as an international brand, it’s based on the global market who determined to provide more fashionable new digital accessories for the global mobile user, this time X-Live get the MFI certification which will provide more quality product experience to customers, At present, the X-Live products have entered the United States, Europe, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia etc more than 30 countries and regions. We believe more consumers will enjoy the fashionable product with the development of X-Live.