X-LIVE, “XULI” in Chinese, is a fashionable digital consumer electronics brand, which was established by Shenzhen X-LIVE Electronics Co., Ltd, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The X-LIVE branding expanded to North America when the company’s U.S. office known as USA X-LIVE Electronics Group was established in California in late 2014, with significant focus on global marketing and distribution of X-LIVE branded products.


      X implies the unknown territory and the infinite possibilities. LIVE represents a new way of life, emphasizing on taste, filled with fun, ideals and exuberant passions.  Together X-LIVE is the perfect combination, symbolizing the offering of endless enthusiasm and vitality for the new digital lifestyle. Under the X-LIVE branding, there are now more than 100 different products ranging from portable charging, wireless audio, creative accessories to wearable and smart gears.  From features to styles and colors, X-LIVE strives to meet the differentiated product requirements and product personalization and customization demands from different clients for the same product, by offering a diverse collection of customizable options, providing clients with rich selection alternatives and experience a personal tailor.


      Born in China and evolved in the United States, X-LIVE’s people-driven product design pervaded by the simplicity element of the American culture, is aimed at removal of complexity from people’s lives, yet still embodies a sense of delicate oriental aesthetics.  X-LIVE believes that distinctive and elegant design not only is a way of expressing emotion and self-assertion, but is a carrier for a unique culture and lifestyle, therefore it strives to encompass the elegance of quality life within all of its product designs.  The convenient and practical characteristics in X-LIVE’s products come from the user-experience-centric core design concept that the company firmly adheres to.  The commitment of only adopting the utmost elegant materials and superb craftsmanship in the making of the products brings aesthetic feel, delicate tactile quality, and gorgeous texture throughout X-LIVE’s products.  In hand or placed at home, X-LIVE products are like a piece of art but with practical features that brings power to the people through technology.  With its innovative designs, superior product quality and personalized user experience, X-LIVE became MFi licensed and certified by Apple Inc. in June of 2015.


     With its humanized design philosophy and firm belief of combining practicality and creativity into product artistry, X-LIVE brings the leisurely digital experience into people’s cozy and comfortable everyday life.  As a classy digital consumer electronics brand, X-LIVE strives to bring innovative and stylish products to people’s fingertips in their everyday life, and looks forward to create an all new digital lifestyle with consumers that hold the same belief and aspiration in technology and product experience.




      Shenzhen X-LIVE Electronics co.,ltd. was founded in 2012 in Shenzhen, a city known asChina’s Silicon Valley. Our company specializes in R&D, manufacture, marketing and sales of innovative mobile consumer electronics accessories. Since its inception, the company created the “X-LIVE” brand with primary focus on portable power bank.  As soon as the first generation of power bank products became available in the general market, the elegant design and robust quality received wide recognition among the industry and consumers and achieved great market success.


      In order to replicate the success of the power bank products and accelerate rapid market expansion, our company decisively expanded the product line from power bank to accessories for vast lines of products in the digital 3C (Computers/Communications/Consumer Electronics) field.  After product line expansion, as part of the strategic blueprint for further enhancing the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the company, X-LIVE underwent resource integration and optimization, and merged with Shenzhen Roman Technology Co., Ltd in late 2014 to form Shenzhen Roman Technology Group.  This merger is a powerful partnership that not only allowed both companies to combine and share their existing technology, but also their own marketing, sales and distribution channels developed over the years.


      Since the formation of the new enterprise, Roman Technology Group has exclusively invested in and acquired a plastic manufacturing company, a cross-border e-commerce platform, as well as a wearable and smart gears company.  Currently there are five subsidiaries under Roman Technology Group - X-LIVE Technology, Roman Technology, Weidaheng Plastics and Dye, Yinwo Technology, and Zhi Pin Hui Technology, forming an industrial ecosystem for consumer electronics that consists of product branding, R&D/manufacture, supply chain, as well as marketing platform.  Such ecosystem provided a solid foundation and dynamics for X-LIVE’s rapid growth in market expansion and technology advancement.


     With dedication to product creativity, professionalism in business conduct, and strive for innovation as company’s core philosophy, X-LIVE is committed to adopting cut-edge technology and creativity, and providing end consumers with highest quality of digital products that are revolutionary and avant-garde in style.  After several years of unremitting effort, X-LIVE has grown to an experienced and innovative product design and marketing team that’s well positioned to capture more market share in the years to come.  With its strong capabilities in supply chain integration and optimization, rigorous quality control process, remarkable operating mechanism, and comprehensive service aptitude, X-LIVE has been able to capture design wins, gain product recognition and extend trusting business relationship with vast majority of domestic and international clients.  The company has established nearly 2000 retail outlets and sales channels worldwide, extending to trusting partners, distributors, and clients in 20 countries and regions worldwide such asUnited States,Australia,Japan,South Korea,Saudi Arabia,Taiwan, Hong Kong,China, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc.